There’s more to producing commercials than giving a kid a camera.

I recently had the privilege of being involved in the concepting and production of a television campaign for our client, CarLotz. I didn’t have any experience in the area of television production prior to this project, so I was asked to document the process as seen through the lens of a first-timer.

My first thought? Wow! There’s so much creativity, work, time and talent that goes into the production of a 30-second TV spot that I didn’t realize until I was involved in the process. From concepting, to casting, to interacting with the director, each step is vital to the final product.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated at Work This Summer

6 Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated at Work This Summer

It’s hard to be in the office all day when it’s nice out and your staff is secretly wishing that they were at the pool or beach. And there’s still another two months to go! But don’t worry, there are many ways to keep your team driven during the summer months.

1. Half-day Fridays

Half-day Fridays are a great way to treat your staff to an early weekend. It’s also a mood booster and something exciting that your staff can look forward to all week if you make the announcement during Monday’s status meeting.

2. Take walks or eat lunch outside

Encourage your staff to join you for a short walk around the block. It’s a nice mental break, especially if you’re sitting at a desk all day. It’s also nice to eat lunch outside. Getting out and enjoying some fresh air will help your staff stay focused for the remainder of the afternoon. And remember to lead by example!

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The Boutique Ad Agency vs. The Big Box Mega Agency

It’s been said that choosing an ad agency is a lot like choosing who to marry, with one major difference—you spend more time with your agency.

So, if you want to be happy, you’d better have chemistry, share core beliefs and have some serious love for your ad agency.

One of the biggest contributors to all those things is something that might not seem obvious at first: The size and structure of your agency partner.

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Ready to grow your business by giving your prospects the online content they’re looking for?

Here are 5 ways to do it.

Like most business owners, I spend a lot of time thinking about online content. I figure that if I create content that my prospects actually want to read about, I can drive traffic to my website, attract more clients and grow my business.

If you’re thinking around the same issues, here are five things to consider when optimizing your online content strategy. 

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initiate-it’s Super Bowl Winners and Losers


For our staff at initiate-it, the Super Bowl means more than indulging in frosty cold beverages, countless wings, scoops of nachos piled with dips and the late-night wake up call named heartburn.

It’s the one day every year we get to sit at Super Bowl parties and actually be proud of our profession. On this hallowed Sunday, we get the pleasure of having everyone in the room turn to gauge our reaction and get our insight after every sacred commercial break. It’s the one day our parents are actually proud to call us their sons or daughters as they to announce at their parties, “You know my kid works in advertising, right? I wonder what they thought of that commercial?”

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Is Your Small Business One of the Two-Thirds That Won’t Last Beyond 10 Years?

Not long ago, I read an interesting article about the state of small business in the U.S. The Small Business Administration report, which you can read here, states that only about half of all new businesses survive five years or more and only about a third survive 10 years or more. With my own small business entering its third year, it was overwhelming and discouraging to think that even with our daily blood, sweat and tears, the odds are stacked three-to-one against us.

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