Utilize Data at Your Fingertips To Drive Better Marketing Decisions

No excuses.

Twenty years ago, marketers did not have many options to gather customer data and it was both costly and time consuming. Now, marketers have data at their fingertips and there isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t be accessing that data to assist them in their advertising and marketing decisions.

Data has become the new driving force for businesses and their marketing decisions. Advertisers now have consumer data through online surveys, purchasing data, SEO and SEM data, social information, mobile usage, CRM products and, at a bare minimum, website analytics. This data should be leveraged to understand how clients, customers, or prospects are accessing your information or making purchasing decisions.

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3 Ways to Break Through the Holiday Clutter

Black Friday has passed. Cyber Monday is over. We are officially in the craziness of the holidays, and with that, we are being inundated with holiday messages: “12 days of gift cards”… “Jingle Deals, Jingle Deals”… “Free holiday shipping day.” How does your business break through the holiday clutter?? Here are 3 ways to better interact with customers during the holiday season.

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Is Your Company Prepared for the Digital Revolution?

In a recent eMarketer report, it was stated that digital advertising will outpace print advertising for the first time in 2013. The report estimates about 33.8 billion dollars will be spent in 2013 in print advertising compared to 39.5 billion spent in online advertising. With advances in technology, social media, app development, CRM systems, and online advertising platforms that allow for sophisticated targeting, this isn’t a surprise. The same report expects online advertising to surpass 62 billion by the end of 2016. As a marketer, does that make you a little nervous?

Digital Graphic

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MAMSummit Top 5 Takeaways Part II

Yes, Your Digital Reputation Really Matters…

…People just aren’t thinking about it. As described in the presentation by Matthew Kilmurry, Digital Reputation Management (DRM) is like the left side of the brain. It’s more strategic and more analytical, but you have to engage with it. Social media management (SMM) is the right side of the brain which allows more creativity; therefore, making it a bit more fun to engage. About 72% of consumers trust online recommendations like they trust a personal recommendation. That’s a pretty large percentage, right? That’s just one more reason to start thinking about your online reputation and engage with your customers and clients.

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MAMSummit Top 5 Takeaways Part I

initiate-it recently attended the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland where marketing and advertising industry professionals spoke on rising trends and technologies in marketing communications. During the day-long conference, we learned a number of incredible things and we would like to share them with you. Below, we have outlined what we think were the most important tips and takeaways from the conference. Enjoy!

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Should Your Company Be Utilizing a Social Media Engagement Platform?

Social media is no longer innovative or trendy because everyone is using it. It has become one of the main channels that individuals, small businesses and larger corporations use to interact and engage with one another. Because social has become so necessary in communications for agencies and corporations, there are now many different social media platforms that can streamline and make your social media management easier and more efficient.

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