Building An AdWords Search Campaign

Building An Adwords Search Campaign 7

Developing an AdWords Search Campaign can be a challenge. Deciding how much budget to set aside, what keywords to bid on, and which best practices to focus on are just a few of the common questions that people face when considering a search campaign for their business. It can be a bit intimidating, but, if you have the time to dedicate to education and optimization, it can be an extremely powerful marketing channel for your business. If you are just getting started, or even if you’ve been dabbling with PPC for some time, here is some important insider information into what you need to be looking at to be successful. 

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What is a Digital Ad Strategy and Why Does Your Business Need One?

What is a Digital Ad Strategy and Why Does Your Business Need One? 2

Today, businesses face greater competition than ever before. And for small- to mid-sized businesses, it can be difficult to compete with larger companies and their loftier marketing and advertising budgets. Fortunately, thanks to the emergence of digital advertising, even the smallest of businesses can their mark. By understanding what a sound digital advertising strategy can do for your business—as well as learning how to build and implement a strategy of your own—you can begin leveraging the endless power of digital marketing to meet your goals.

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