Social media listening is a form of organic social marketing that consists of monitoring social media platforms to communicate with consumers about a company’s ideas and products. Some may think that this form of advertisement can be a waste of time, but on the contrary, it plays a crucial role in expanding the company’s brand awareness. The impact that social media listening has is way more beneficial to a company, and its consumers than one may expect. Why do you think McDonald’s started selling items off of their breakfast menu all day? Because of Social Media Listening.

Almost everyone in today’s society has some sort of social media profile, and they are constantly tweeting, commenting, or posting about their likes and dislikes. Why would a company not take advantage of this? It is so important to figure out what your consumers want more of, and what they want less of. 

Social media listening can benefit your business in multiple different ways. From brand awareness to responding to customer complaints, to improving products and sales. It is one thing for a company to post about new deals on their social media site, but to actually interact with consumers is even more effective. The action of having a one-on-one conversation with consumers through social media makes them feel like their opinions are being heard and cared for. Leaving a comment on a picture or a video not only catches the attention of the person that posted it but also allows thousands of other people to read what you said. The more you comment, and like posts, the more your brand name will become familiar with your followers, and the followers of your followers. It’s essential for your company’s name or logo to “ring a bell” in the consumer’s mind. Using social listening to spread brand awareness is easy, effective, and best of all, free!

Social media is the first place customers will go when they have a complaint. Managing social media is so crucial in this area because you can respond fast and put the fire out when needed. Reaching out to customers and talking to them on a personable level will help the consumer to feel appreciated and spread positive feedback to their peers. 

Lastly, the key to social media listening is to sound human. Your consumers want to feel like they are actually talking to someone else sitting behind a computer screen, and not some automated robot. Your responses need to have character. There is no harm in adding a joke or two in a tweet or post. Being remembered, that’s how you grow your brand. 

Customer satisfaction, increased brand awareness, and fast product feedback are only some of the many things that social media listening can help you accomplish. It is so important for companies to utilize this form of marketing if you want to continue growing. Social media listening should be implemented into your company’s marketing campaigns immediately. You will quickly see the positive outcomes that are attributed to taking this extra step in advertising your company’s brand.

Posted by Jordan McLellan, Summer Intern at initiate-it, a digital-first, full-service agency located in Richmond, Va.