Brand Development

In-depth analysis and planning on how a brand is perceived in the market, how to develop a good relationship with the target audience, and a strategic approach to how the brand should perform and look down to even the product or service level itself. Including but not limited to; look, price, vehicle, and if applicable, the packaging.

Brand Audits
Thorough examination of a brand’s current standing in the market compared to its competitors. An audit discovers strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunities.

Positioning Development
An exercise performed to create a singularly unique impression and experience for clients so they know what to associate with a brand and how it stands apart from the rest of the industry.

Logo Development
In-house creative development of the look, feel, style, and essence of a logo. Presented with supporting details and research to back up stylistic decisions made. (Can be an evolution of existing creative or start from the ground up.)

Corporate Identity
Through a deep dive into consumer and employee insights, a discussion is forged around; strategic partnerships, team recruitment, transitioning in and out of new or exhausted products and services, and other high-level brand decisions.