initiate-it RoundUp: January 2018 Marketing Trends

initiate-it roundup: January 2018 Marketing TrendsMarketing techniques and trends are always evolving. From social to SEM, changes are consistently made to make marketing tactics more effective. These changes not only help the marketer but will also help create a better customer experience. Stay on top of industry trends each month with initiate-it RoundUp. Below are the top five marketing trends and changes that occurred in January 2018. Continue Reading

Emoji Etiquette in Modern Marketing

Emoji Etiquette in Modern Marketing 1

In my personal messages, I typically leave emojis out. Emojis can be construed in several ways.  They display differently depending on the device. Also, at an elementary level, I believe emojis come across as childish. However, as my friends tease me, not using emojis can be perceived as being old or not hip. While I can handle a few jabs from my friends, I must be more careful when it comes to marketing.

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5 Email List Marketing Tips for Standing Out in the Inbox

5 Email List Marketing Tips for Standing Out in the Inbo

Gaining skill at creating marketing emails that get opened requires targeting of mailing lists, personalization and testing your audience.

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The Importance of A/B Testing

The Importance of A/B Testing 1

Whether your primary goal is building brand awareness, driving qualified traffic, nurturing prospects, driving leads or increasing revenue, one thing is certain – you should be testing. In today’s complex, digital world, marketers are always looking for an edge while getting their messages heard and testing has become an integral part of the strategy. How can you argue with results that are clear winners in resonating with your audience? Why continue using your gut instincts when you can use data? You never know what’s going to work with your audience until you test it. When I complete an A/B test with surprising results, it makes me want to run out and test everything. And that’s what everyone should do…test everything!

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