Libby Rosebro

Libby has always been an oxymoron. As a child, all she ever wanted to do was play outside and color with markers and chalk. At Virginia Tech, she was a Division 1 lacrosse player who studied Visual Art. After graduating, she followed her athletic passions but soon realized something was missing. So, she took a risk and quit her job to be the Creative Design Intern at initiate-it. After just dipping her toes in the graphic and creative design pool for years, Libby finally decided to dive in — head first.

When she’s not designing or on the field coaching, you can find her trying new restaurants, painting, soaking up the sun on the Chesapeake Bay or hugging (squishing) her dog, Biggie. She is thankful that even as an adult, she still gets to do all she ever wanted — play outside and color.