Crafted e-mail messaging and strategy to elevate open rates from 9% to 45%

Grew a stagnant follower base by 18% in the  first year of a strategic social overhaul

Drove redemption of 21,000 promotional coupons through an omnichannel advertising approach

Augmented client’s annual marketing budget by 36% in one year, through mutually beneficial vendor relationships

More than doubled vendor financial contributions through co-op marketing fundraising efforts

Delivered an average Return on Ad Spend of 3.8:1 to participating campaign partners

Boosted client’s annual lead generation by 876% through a reliance on digital marketing

Posted ROIs of 398% and 420% through lead generation in successive annual campaigns

18-months of consecutive improvements of paid-search conversions, rates, and costs, through optimization and machine learning

27.6% conversion rate from ad-clicks to generated leads

39% annual growth of association membership

Generated over two million dollars in incremental sales revenue

Increased web traffic from 9,000 unique visitors per month to 150,000 unique visitors per month

Grew follower base by 2,732% across all social channels

Generated 90,000 qualified leads, which resulted in triple-digit growth in conversions

10,000 qualified leads were distributed to the local offices