Driving Retail Sales
– 95% sales increase for global confectioner
– $3.4 million in incremental sales for national toy retailer

Generating Leads
– 876% increase in leads for residential service company
– 192% increase in lead generation through smarter search marketing
– 0-120,000 in new leads in 7 years for an international professional services company 

Driving B2B Sales
– $2 million in incremental sales for an international professional services company

Encouraging Membership and Client Growth
– From declining membership to +38% membership growth in one year for a National Association

Nurturing and Retaining Existing Customer and Client Base
– Crafted email strategy and messaging to improve open rates from 9% to 45%
– Augmented client’s annual marketing budget by 36% in one year through mutually beneficial vendor relationships

Increasing Average E-Commerce Shopper Spend
– 85% increase in average user spend for a global confectioner

Making Content that Drives Outcomes
– 788% increase in demand for apparel for a global confectioner
– 18% increase in engagement in social media for national retailer
– 119% increase in holiday gift sales for a global confectioner

Driving Brand Relevance
– Leveraged PGA tour relationship to create expanded brand awareness for a National B2B Technology Company
– Grew follower base by 2,732% across all social media channels and increased web traffic from 9,000 unique visitors per month to over 150,000 unique visitors per month for an international professional services company