Are You Listening?

Social media listening is a form of organic social marketing that consists of monitoring social media platforms to communicate with consumers about a company’s ideas and products. Some may think that this form of advertisement can be a waste of time, but on the contrary, it plays a crucial role in expanding the company’s brand awareness. The impact that social media listening has is way more beneficial to a company, and its consumers than one may expect. Why do you think McDonald’s started selling items off of their breakfast menu all day? Because of Social Media Listening.  Continue Reading

Traits an Agency Needs to Survive the Next Ten Years

Traits an Agency Needs to Survive the Next Ten Years.As we enter into our eighth year in business, I have often reflected on what got us where we are today and how we need to adapt and evolve to continue to be successful as an organization in the future.  Changing technology, digital marketing, social media, new generations of workforce, crowdsourcing, increased freelance talent and political unrest can become very intimidating as we try and navigate our organization’s future.  We have to continue to grow and at the same time provide our clients with the latest changes in marketing and advertising and continue to deliver results.  Continue Reading

Our Approach to Building an Effective Workplace Culture


Our Approach to an Effective Workplace CultureCiting that a positive work environment can be a catalyst for better productivity is no novel concept, but that doesn’t mean that one should overlook its importance. As part of an organization that has flourished in direct relation to our amazing culture, I welcome you to take an inside look at who we are, how we established such a liberating atmosphere and the dividends it has paid us in productivity and potential. Continue Reading

The Benefits of YouTube Ad-Supported Free Movies

The Benefits of Youtube Ad-Supported Free Movies

Almost five billion YouTube videos are watched every day.

It was only a matter of time before YouTube began to offer free movies, capitalizing on the opportunity to make additional revenue for Google. Continue Reading