The goal of business is to create repeat buyers. But what if your business is spending all its resources trying to capture sales and the results are lackluster? Perhaps your goal is admirable, and your product is great, but your marketing is pointed at the wrong audience.

If you had $100 to spend on internet advertising this week with just two marketing choices – a website with 100 readers per day and another with 1000 visitors per day – you might choose the busier site. But if you sell vegan products and the 100-person site is called “Vegans Today,” and the 1000-person site is named “Midwest Pork Producers,” you might change your mind. That’s where Behavioral Retargeting comes into play.

Online advertising reaches across the globe, 24/7, and while advertising for specific users might be haphazard at first, once they’ve used their browsers a few times, behavioral retargeting really kicks in.

How Behavioral Retargeting Works

Accurate targeting is a must for any digital campaign. Behavioral retargeting maximizes an internet users’ behaviors (their website choices, Apps, geographic location, demographics) and merges that information with other sources such as CRM and surveys to produce behavior-based groups to advertise to.

The Top Three Benefits of Customer knowledge and Retargeting

1. Cost-effectiveness: You’ll get better interaction and spend less in the process by not just tossing your advertising (and dollars) to the wind and hoping for the best!

2. By effectively hitting the right audience, you can free up time and provide better service (by cutting down on unwanted Chat and Email from buyers unlikely to convert) while personalizing your offers to known website visitors based on your visitors’ previous interests and activity.

The more you learn, the more your guests will feel at home with your products and advertising. And, you’ll be able to make knowledge-based pitches and special offers to repeat visitors.

3. Although today’s websites are more interactive and engaging, developers forget that the marketing side of business likes to interact too. Once again, that’s where behavioral retargeting comes in, by offering a great opportunity to upsell your previous buyers or visitors who have already shown an interest in similar products.

Although studies show that popup ads annoy some users, the judicious use of them to known buyers through excellent behavioral retargeting enhances their website experience and, of course, increases the conversion rate for best-sellers and upsell items.

The experience viewers receive and their ease of purchase is a major contributor to repeat customers. Think of them as guests, get to know them, and treat them like family and friends, and they’ll be back regularly to find new products and new deals!