If you have yet to utilize Instagram Stories for your business account, you are missing out on a big opportunity. After being introduced in August 2016, they have quickly become a very popular and relevant Instagram feature. Here are the major reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your social media strategy:


1. The infamous Instagram algorithm

Many businesses struggle with competing against the algorithm set in place to prioritize relevant content to viewers. Because social media algorithms will continue to evolve and become more complex, you cannot expect success on channels without adapting your strategy.

The more you post on Instagram, the better you actually perform in the algorithm. Yes, this can include stories too! Stories are a quick way to roll out consistent content on your channel, and in turn, increase the chances of engaging with followers. So, by simply developing more quality stories, you are increasing the probability of success for your standard Instagram posts.


2. Drive traffic to your website

Clickable links in Instagram Stories are available to businesses with 10,000+ followers or verified accounts. However, this is not the only viable strategy to direct traffic to your website. If you do not have these capabilities yet, try simply including “link in bio” in your Story. Viewers can then click through to your profile and go straight through the link you have added to your bio.

For those tracking social referrals to your website on Google Analytics, you will be able to see referrals from your Instagram Story separately from your routine Instagram referrals.


3. Increase audience engagement

As a business account, it is important to translate as a personable and relatable entity on social media. Many companies are also seeking ways to humanize their brand. Due to the casual design and purpose of Instagram Stories, there is a greater opportunity here to truly connect with your followers.

Instagram Stories also incorporate different interactive features, which further influence viewers to engage. While some may tap through stories without consuming a lot of the content, using interactive stickers may convince viewers to linger longer. Instagram offers a step-by-step guide on crafting a compelling and playful Story, including how to introduce these available interactive stickers.


Instagram Stories are the quickest way to create a greater presence on your Instagram account. Because they only last for 24 hours, it is key to make a habit out of developing regular content. This can start as aiming for once a week, then potentially evolving to at least once a day. In fact, try one out right this moment and track how they improve over time!