When creating a landing page, it is important to keep your users in mind. If your page visitors do not quickly find what they are looking for, you risk them leaving to find a page that immediately provides them with the information they need. Landing pages should be brief so that users can find exactly what they are looking for within a matter of seconds. Below is a short list of what you need to include to create an effective landing page.

1. Messaging that matches the ad

When the user clicks on a targeted ad, and the landing page is drastically different from that ad, they will most likely exit the page. It is important to include similar messaging and imagery across your landing page and ads. This matched messaging will help increase the chances of your visitors converting and downloading your offer.


2. Personalized messaging

Personalized messaging can help increase conversions on your landing page. If a visitor feels that the advertised product is not relevant to them, they will leave your page and find a product that is. You need to make sure your landing page focuses on your product’s benefits. By focusing on your product’s benefits, you can express how the advertised product will solve your users’ problems and enrich their lives.

3. Visuals that support your messaging

There is a fine line between having enough visuals to reinforce what you are selling and having too many visuals that distract from what you want your user to believe. Use visuals that support and add value to your landing page. These visuals can include infographics, product shots, icons, or introductory videos. In some cases, one type of supporting visual is better than another, so it is always a good idea to test what works best for you and your users. Knowing what helps users convert is beneficial when you are creating a landing page.

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4. Visual hierarchy – communicating the most important information first

A very effective landing page gets to the point almost immediately. Make sure all essential information is displayed above the fold. If your user must scroll past the fold to fully understand the content you are presenting to them, they may lose interest and leave the page. Always offer the most important information first to grab the user’s attention and encourage them to read more.


Landing pages should be easy for users to navigate and provide them with what they are looking for right away. Keeping it easy to digest, using supporting visuals, and communicating only the most important information will help create an effective landing page.