Businesses often have misconceptions about working with an advertising or marketing agency, whether for digital marketing, social media management, creative production, etc. In reality, there is so much value in working with an agency partner! Let’s debunk some of these advertising agency myths…

Myth #1: We’re doing the same work your employees could do.

We can see where this could be a misconception, but we’re experts in our field! Agencies create teams that are trained to be doing work with and for you. Your company can focus on completing your priorities while leaning into our team’s specialties. Trust us – we got this!

Myth #2: You have little control over the content being pushed out. 

No! Agencies love hearing your feedback, and we want to listen to what you say. Tell us your vision and where you see your company going so we understand what needs to be done for you. We have experience translating constructive information and building on it with our own professional knowledge in the field. Once we get started, we want to share that information with you, so you, as the client, are satisfied with our work for your company.

Myth #3: You don’t know who’s working behind the scenes.

Relationships are key! And more importantly, agencies want close relationships with their clients. If there’s no relationship, it would be nearly impossible to work with one another. We, and other agencies, work hard on being transparent with clients. Let’s work together to enhance your business results and enjoy the process while it advances! 

Myth #4: Low-quality content for a high cost.

Agencies understand the cost of doing business – after all we are a business ourselves! We aren’t against you. We, along with other agencies, put in the work to give you the best possible quality when it comes to creating content. Agency teams want it to be well worth your time and investment when trusting people like us to create content for your business. We want to give you the best results possible. You’ll get your money’s worth!