…That you can integrate now!

Blog to Support SEO

Companies with blogs attract 55% more customers and get 97% more inbound links. If you’re not doing so already, try and post some relevant blog topics on a weekly basis. Your blog content will help assist SEO in order for your site to show up in search. You need content before you can have supporting SEO! Also, continually writing and developing fresh content for a company blog will position you as a leader in your industry. It’s a free option to bring people to your site and it can pay off down the road.

Utilize SEO

Depending on your website database, there are plugins or tools you can install to make sure your site is being crawled for the correct keywords. For example, WordPress has a free plugin [tool] called Yoast that analyzes all of the content throughout your entire site. Yoast will bring up content or titles that need optimization, or suggest technical improvements to make sure your site comes up in search effectively.

Use Social to Promote Content

If you’re producing all this content, you need an outlet to share it with others in order to increase your follower base. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus are excellent outlets for sharing content and encouraging others to share as well. Check out our recent blog post about how to approach each social media outlet to get the best results. Paid or promoted content or accounts on social sites are also very beneficial. Soon enough paid content will be your only choice to reach customers! Our agency has found that the paid campaigns on LinkedIn have proven to help push out our blog content. It is also helpful to include social sharing buttons on your blog site or in any electronic communications that your company produces on a regular basis.

Link Your Website to Google Plus

Google Plus has become the emerging platform to connect with others, especially for business purposes. Google will better recognize your company if you link your website and your company’s Google Plus page. Therefore, when people search your company, you will rank better in Google search. For example, if you do a Google search for the international clothing company, H&M, they will come up in search like this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.23.24 AMNotice the box on the right. It gives an overview of the company, when it was founded, possibly where they are located and also how many followers they have on Google Plus. You can click on the number of followers and it will redirect you to their Google Plus page.

Integrate a Customer Relationship Management System

Potential clients and customers are coming to your page—so what do you plan on doing with them? It’s great if you can track visitors through your Google Analytics and possibly notice and uptick in traffic, but it’s not so good if all of those people are coming to your site and have nowhere to go. One of our clients uses a CRM system called Infusionsoft, which is a helpful marketing software program. Whichever CRM system your company decides to use, it will help capture those potential customers and place them into an automated marketing system. This will then retrieve their contact information and send them, for example, different email sequences depending on where they navigated within your site. Implementing a CRM system can help provide customers with valuable and relevant content while giving them a better chance to connect with your company.