Is Google your go-to search engine? The multinational technology company may have some heavy competition within the next few years. There is currently speculation that Apple is developing a search engine of its own. Followed by Yahoo and Microsoft Bing, Google has always maintained the majority market share of search usage. The Apple search engine rumors may pose an imminent threat to the technology giant.

There are currently several signs that Apple could be funding the launch of its own search engine. These signs include the following:

Apple Is Hiring

There are reports that the company is investing numerous resources into search. They have posted many jobs hiring search engineers, including listings that incorporate AI, ML, and NLP. They have also listed positions such as Maps Search Software Engineer and Search Ads Platform Specialist. This recent interest in hiring means they are at least looking into improving its software if not developing its own search engine.

Spotlight Search bypasses Google Search

If you have conducted a recent search on your iPad or iPhone, you may have noticed results display as Siri Suggestions. This result is occurring on all iOS and iPadOS14 devices. This labeling shows that the company is no longer relying on Google or Bing to provide its users with results.

Applebot Web Crawler Page Updates

Back in July, Apple made significant changes to its Applebot support page. These changes included sections on expanded robots.txt rules, search rankings and the factors that affect web page results are ranked, and how to verify traffic from Applebot, to name a few. These updates are similar to what Google provides to SEOs and webmasters.

Apple Does Not Need Google

For many years, Google was the default search engine for Apple products and Safari. As Apple is now one of the world’s most valuable companies, it does not need to rely on this relationship. Yes, they make billions on this established relationship with Google, but they will survive without it, especially if it develops its search engine.

Apple has a lot to gain if it develops and launches a search engine. Not only will they be able to promote its products, such as Apple News+ and Apple TV+, but will also promote apps within its search results. This search engine will act as a source of continued revenue for the business while weakening Google’s search market share.

Are you prepared for this potential new testing opportunity for your search ads?