CreativeMornings RVA: Compassion

You learn about compassion in kindergarten, basically. Feel for others pain and help them through it. That basic idea tags along as we grow up but can typically get lost in the folds of our ever-complicated lives.

What role does compassion play in your professional and adult life? Heather Winkle, Vice President of Design at Capitol One, came to CreativeMornings RVA on Friday, September 22, 2017, to speak on compassion as it relates to three life bubbles: Audience, Team, and Self.


When acting ‘compassionately’ to those struggling, we are inclined to enter the situation with preconceived solutions. But preconceived ideas normally lack a true understanding of the situation at hand. Observe first; solve second. Compassion requires genuine understanding.


People, obviously, are unique with varying experiences. So, when tasked to come together to solve an issue, opinions, egos, and styles can clash. As a team leader, try to be a mixing bowl for ideas rather than a dictator. Be the empty vessel for the team’s blended recipe rather than demand one from your cookbook.


Self-love is a rare thought when talking compassion. It is up to you to treat yourself to what really matters. Heather spoke about following her professional passions across the country for multiple jobs. But while her professional aspirations were thriving, Heather was wearing herself thin. She realized being near loved ones and finding an open, creative home took precedence over the Silicon Valley lifestyle. So, she moved to Richmond, met her husband, started a family, lived closer to her parents and brother, and found a home at Capitol One.

Find your happy first and you will be better equipped to help others find theirs. Observe, align and care to be able to work together with anyone you meet.



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Posted by Libby Rosebro, Digital Designer at initiate-it, a digital first, full-service agency located in Richmond, VA.