I am excited to have joined the initiate-it team this summer.


I came into this internship with many questions:
How do you find new clients?
How do you maintain current clients?
How much will Adobe Suite be used?
Are there better social media platforms for different branding or messaging?

As a rising junior, I’ve only just begun to take classes for my Media Studies major. There are still a lot of areas in the advertising process that I’m unfamiliar with. My first assignment was to create an event post for an association. A piece of advice I was given for this first post was to keep it simple and not reinvent the wheel. By referring back to the previous posts that were used, I quickly and efficiently created new posts that matched their branding. This piece of advice has influenced all of the projects I’ve worked on and made the process much more enjoyable.

One of the most exciting parts of the internship has been the amount of growth I’ve had within only a couple of weeks. I have always preferred to learn a skill by jumping right in and getting the first-hand experience. There have been many times where I wasn’t sure what my next step was or exactly how to complete the project, but I’ve appreciated the challenge. It’s much more rewarding to know that my time and energy is going into a project that directly benefits our client, and especially exciting to see them use bits of things that I’ve created.

The work environment has also been a major reason I’ve enjoyed this internship so much. From the moment I started, I could easily tell that everyone puts their full effort into work every day and doesn’t coward out of a good challenge. I’m incredibly lucky to be working with a team that is extremely talented and shows me patience and guidance while I learn. They each have valuable experience that motivates me to do a better job and pushes me outside my comfort zone.

initiate-it has created an equally professional and fun work environment that makes me excited for the rest of the summer.