In a recent eMarketer report, it was stated that digital advertising will outpace print advertising for the first time in 2013. The report estimates about 33.8 billion dollars will be spent in 2013 in print advertising compared to 39.5 billion spent in online advertising. With advances in technology, social media, app development, CRM systems, and online advertising platforms that allow for sophisticated targeting, this isn’t a surprise. The same report expects online advertising to surpass 62 billion by the end of 2016. As a marketer, does that make you a little nervous?

Digital Graphic

Our clients currently struggle with the balance of online vs. traditional advertising. Everyone knows the steep rise of digital advertising is around the corner and grapples with how to handle the transition and stay current in their advertising and marketing strategies. We believe that the shift will continue and companies will transfer priorities in order to focus more on digital opportunities.

Advertising and marketing directors, are you prepared to leverage digital media to grow your business?  If you’re not sure then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have I written a strategic digital marketing plan?
  2. Do I stay engaged with technology and constantly look into research that showcases generation trends in digital usage?
  3. Do I know the next digital trends around the corner? (Hint: video content)
  4. Do I look at my web analytics on a monthly basis? Do I have conversion tracking set up?
  5. Have I explored CRM tools to see how we might be able to implement them in order to begin to nurture prospects into clients?
  6. What is my content strategy around my social media plan? Do I even have a social media plan?  Do I have a content strategy?
  7. Who are our competitors and how are we out-innovating them in the digital space?
  8. What are we doing to focus on increased mobile usage?
  9. How are we creating the best digital user experience for our prospects or clients?
  10. Am I overwhelmed and confused about my company’s digital future?


Answers from questions 1 to 9 will vary, but if your answer to question 10 is “yes,” then you should call us! If your answer to question 10 is honestly “no,” then congrats to the CEO who hired you!