We can’t quite contain our excitement reflecting on some of the most captivating campaigns from the past year. As we reflect on 2023, there’s one campaign that was so remarkable we can’t resist mentioning it from the get-go. The Barbie movie campaign deserves a standing ovation for its impeccably well-rounded execution, arguably one of the best campaigns of our time (and maybe ever?). It flawlessly captured hearts and minds, proving to be a shining example of what a campaign can achieve when strategy, creativity, and inclusivity intertwine. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more awe-inspiring campaigns to uncover and analyze. Let’s explore our favorite campaigns from the world of marketing in 2023!

McDonald’s McNugget Buddies: A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist

McDonald’s managed to check so many boxes with the McNugget Buddies! These surprise collectible toys, a blast from the past for adults and a thrill for kids, are back after 25 years with a streetwear makeover by artist Kerwin Frost. One current TikTok craze is videos unboxing surprise miniatures, and this new campaign really comes through at a great time to capitalize on the trend while staying relevant to their brand. 

Beyond the toys, there’s an Instagram account, an AR lens, a gaming hub, and even a limited edition streetwear collection benefiting the Harlem Arts Alliance. This initiative perfectly blends nostalgia and current trends, connecting with generations through shared memories and modern culture. McDonald’s knows how to create engaging, viral campaigns one after another – look at the Grimace birthday campaign, another incredibly successful campaign from the year.

Norwich City Football Club: Check In on Those Around You

Our next stop takes us on an emotional journey across the pond. Norwich City FC recently launched a campaign titled “Check In on Those Around You” to mark World Mental Health Day. 

This subversive campaign shatters expectations, reminding us appearances can be deceptive. The message sticks: check in on everyone, not just those who seem down. Norwich doesn’t shy away from stark realities. Stats about suicide and mental health issues add weight to the plea. This isn’t just about football, it’s about us all.

Storytelling and advertising can spark change, and Norwich, along with the Samaritans, have done it brilliantly. This campaign stays with you, a reminder to be present for each other.

Snoop Dogg and Solo Stove

This next campaign really got the world talking! Enter the partnership between Solo Stove, the smokeless fire pit masters, and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, a legendary “smokesman” if there ever was one.

Snoop’s social media announcement, claiming to “give up smoke,” had everyone scratching their heads. Was the Doggfather quitting the green? It turns out it was a genius marketing twist, swapping hazy smoke for the clean-burning flames of Solo Stove.

This campaign, led by The Martin Agency, was Solo Stove’s first major national push. We’re talking TV spots, social media blitzes, podcasts, billboards, and digital firestorms. The result? A viral inferno that had everyone talking.

This collab is a masterclass in marketing magic. It’s a strategic partnership that created a viral sensation and put Solo Stove on the map as the smokeless fire pit kings. They took a bold step, leading to a successful pay-off.