We hope you enjoyed the excitement of Super Bowl LVIII as much as we did, one of the greatest days in the marketing calendar! As you can imagine, we have plenty to say about the commercials that captured our attention (and those that fell flat).

It’s impossible to ignore the celebrity parade during this year’s game. More specifically, we couldn’t help but notice a growing trend of endorsements that felt random, lazy, and lackluster. Don’t get us wrong- the right celebrity endorsement can certainly make heads turn, as did quite a few this year- but we’ve come to wonder if brands are truly finding success with these approaches.

A trend of playing it safe also seemed to permeate. Most years, some commercials leave you a bit gobsmacked, for better or worse. It’s the one time of year for brands to go for it at full speed. Where was the wild ride, the emotional roller coaster we’ve come to expect? Did brands miss an opportunity?

While the celebrity endorsements left a bad taste, and others lacked much impact, some ads were hard to forget! Ready to dig into the highs, lows, and everything in between? Our team unveils our unfiltered opinions on the Super Bowl LVIII commercials:

Dove “It’s the Hard Knock Life”

The Dove “It’s the Hard Knock Life” commercial empowering young girls to be more confident was very impactful. I thought it was perfect timing with more young girls watching football just to see Taylor Swift and its creative delivered a powerful, inspiring message.

– Lauren Chavis, Senior Account Director

Squarespace “Hello Down There”

While visually stunning, Martin Scorsese’s cinematic touch (complete with a cameo) couldn’t mask another miss in Squarespace’s Super Bowl catalogue. Was it a critique on modern phone usage? If so, it felt strangely counterintuitive for a brand selling an online platform built on digital connection. Ultimately, the ad’s focus on style over substance missed the mark for me.

– Hayley Gilbert, Digital Marketing Coordinator

CeraVe “Michael CeraVe”

My overall opinion of the 2024 Super Bowl commercials was that celebrity endorsements were overused. However, I think CeraVe did a nice job with the Michael Cera cameo. It was a straightforward concept, playing into the brand and Michael’s last name, and I found it to be very entertaining and well-executed. The spot definitely had a different approach to skincare/dermatology advertising, which is why it stood out to me. The end card tied it all together with the copy, “Developed with dermatologists. Not Michael Cera.” 

– Sarah Prokopchak, Account and Operations Manager

My favorite ad was Micheal Cera’s CeraVe commercial. I thought the ’90s perfume ad style was very silly – and it was no surprise to learn that Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim directed it. The concept was poking fun at certain advertisements while also selling the product in the same way. It was a fun twist to a basic product.

– Katy Klinker, Junior Art Director

Dunkin “The DunKings”

The Dunkin “DunKings” was by far my favorite in terms of entertainment. I love that Ben Affleck made fun of himself for being in the spotlight by drinking Dunkin’ and dating Jennifer Lopez. Then, playing into the pop star boy band with Matt Damon and playing on the Good Will Hunting aspect with “How do you like them donuts?”. I also loved how Matt made fun of Ben when he mentioned it’s hard to be your friend. This was a great play into how social media tends to portray Ben. 

– Lauren Chavis, Senior Account Director

Starry “It’s Time To See Other Sodas”

Another celebrity endorsement! Maybe Starry Soda really did need to use a celebrity to catch peoples’ attention because… have you ever heard of Starry Soda over the past year…? This spot was simply underwhelming, in my opinion – playing into a “couple breakup” concept. Also, where was Ice Spice’s appearance in the DunKings spot? I was surprised to see her in another brand’s Super Bowl advertisement, especially with the release of Dunkin’s “Twice as Nice” spot, and Ice Spice’s signature drink release at Dunkin locations in September 2023.

– Sarah Prokopchak, Account and Operations Manager

M&M’S Almost Champions Ring of Comfort

M&Ms found a clever way to connect with football fans this year by bringing Pro Football Hall of Famers Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith – all legendary players who never won a Super Bowl. As football fever grips everyone’s minds during the big game, it’s hard not to be drawn into this spot. While including Scarlett Johansson didn’t feel completely necessary, this was a step up for the brand from last year!

– Hayley Gilbert, Digital Marketing Coordinator