initiate-it recently attended the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland where marketing and advertising industry professionals spoke on rising trends and technologies in marketing communications. During the day-long conference, we learned a number of incredible things and we would like to share them with you. Below, we have outlined what we think were the most important tips and takeaways from the conference. Enjoy!

 The Ever-Changing Media Ecosystem

The media ecosystem has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Gatekeepers no longer control the news because digital and social allow anyone and everyone to report the news; social engagers all want to be a part of the story.

This impacts marketing in 3 ways:

 The First Revolution explains how 85% of the population has access to the Internet via broadband or mobile, and between 70% and 80% are actually content creators.

The Second Revolution details how 91% of the population is a part of the mobile interface. Soon, mobile will be the main, if not the only way to access information at your fingertips. The average person has three mobile devices.

The Third Revolution determines that 61% of all baby boomers participate in social media. This revolution proves that we all want to be celebrities; we are constantly performing for our followers in order to impress them (i.e., Look at my cool sandwich, my cool friends, the cool places I have been, my awesome new dress or my snazzy new car.)

Technology DOES NOT Create Ideas

As great a resource as technology has become for marketers, technology still cannot create ideas. Everyone wants to be on the forefront of mobile technology; however, you must have an idea first. Start with the idea and then integrate.

In order to create ideas, a company must understand their brand. Sit down internally and solidify the following key statements that every advertiser should ask themselves:

~ Know your brand

~ Know your objective

~ Know your audience

~ Know what’s relevant

You have to know and understand what you stand for in order to be able to relay insight and service to your clients. Determine who your audience is and then create the exact message that you would like to deliver to them. Many brands talk to themselves instead of their audience.

 There really is an iGeneration? Yes.

During the past several years we have been consumed with generational marketing. Every client wants deep discovery into the baby boomers, gen xers and the millennial generation. Well, guess what is right down the road? You guessed it…the iGeneration. Below are a few takeaways from SocialRadar in regards to this generation.

~ They are creating a new language—LOL, OMG, LMAO. “Twerking,” for God’s sake, is now a part of the Oxford English Dictionary.

~ They go to mobile devices first—constantly wanting information NOW, at their fingertips. Don’t use computers or email.

~ They will have hearing loss prior to college.

~ They have no firsthand knowledge of Bill Clinton.

~ They don’t know what the pound sign is, but they know the hashtag. #WOW!