1. Is your agency using BI?

2. What is your CRM platform?

3. Do you know your customer journey?

4. What is your attribution model?

5. Is the cheapest lead the most qualified lead?

6. How many landing pages are you running per campaign?

7. How are you measuring success?

8. What are your 5-year goals?

9. How can marketing or advertising affect your bottom line?

10. Are you tracking your Net Promoter Score? How?

11. What is your project management software?

12. How frequently do you optimize campaigns?

13. Do you take advantage of heatmapping software?

14. What are you doing for the continued education of your employees?

15. Do you optimize campaigns on clicks or conversions?

16. How often do you test different ad creative and messaging?

17. What’s the value in organic social media?

18. How do you know if you’re running effective search engine marketing campaigns?

19. How important is an SEO strategy as a part of your overall marketing plan?

20. How can we get the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost per lead?

21. What’s the importance of having a traditional advertising and digital advertising media mix?

22. Do you design online creative for mobile first?

23. What are the key performance indicators that you should be tracking?

24. Do you know the campaign’s return on ad spend?