In a world of constant change, it has never been more important to revolutionize your business with digital media. To do this successfully, you must let data take the forefront in driving your decisions. Read on to learn our best practices!


Great Strategy + Great Creative = The Potential for Great Success

Pairing great strategy with great creative will help cut through the noise of ad space. Your digital strategy and creative execution should be driven by data in order to stand out and resonate with your audience. Ads that showcase a high level of creative output and also follow design trends almost always include appealing text and visual elements. Get inventive with the creative assets for your digital campaign – but don’t be afraid to tweak (consistently test and adjust) if it’s just not working. Don’t hold back on a campaign just because you think it’s good. Creative for example, is subjective. Use what’s performing [based on data!] and resonating with your target audience.


Back to the Basics

Starting with a simple idea is key and keeping it simple throughout your process is just as important. Once you have landed on an overall goal/strategy, it’s time for campaign implementation. You must identify your audience, determine where they live in the digital world, and how they consume information. Are there any key factors/interests/demographics that you should be targeting? Do members of your target audience have children? Are they married? What are their interests and behaviors? These are all important factors to consider when setting up your target audience for your campaign. 


Defining the Media Mix

Bottom line: there is no silver bullet. There is not just one thing you can do to be successful. The real silver bullet is building out a strong strategy and sticking to it. It is crucial to be testing different channels – they all work together to drive your audience down the marketing funnel. For example, someone could hear your ad on Pandora but convert through a paid social ad. Creative that excels on TikTok may not work as well for Facebook or Instagram – Be adaptable! This process is truly an ongoing effort – once you learn something from testing, you can shift your ad spend to the campaigns and messaging that are performing the best. The best part of digital media is the ability to test various channels, tactics, and creative strategies while being able to quickly identify optimizations and your return on investment.


It’s All in the Details 

After analyzing the data, what are your insights AND what do those insights mean (what’s your perspective?). What tactics can be adjusted to increase conversions or leads to meet your goals? What specifically does your client need: brand awareness, lead generation, or sales? Be sure to always track back to your primary goal while keeping your overarching strategy top of mind. Often, campaigns can go sideways when the overarching goal is lost and you’re chasing a silver bullet. 

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