It’s a new year, and we have thoughts on the new Super Bowl LIV ads! Keep reading to learn more about the commercials we loved and those we loved to hate.

Snickers: #SnickersFixTheWorld

“This was a light-hearted way to look at the troubling times we are living in. The words to the song were creative, and I loved it when they even admitted to feeding the world a Snickers was “dumb.” There was great brand recognition; it was impossible not to remember what the ad was selling. After all, they dropped a giant Snickers into a hole. And just in case you didn’t understand — the ending “looks like it is working” sealed the deal.” – Anne Powell

Pop-Tarts: Pop-Tarts Fixed the Pretzel

“I do love a pop-tart, but I just think Jonathan Van Ness deserved more. He’s lovable, funny, and so memorable all by himself. That said, Pop-Tarts’ spot seemed like a pretty bland ad they tried to make better by throwing in a big name. A little lazy for a Super Bowl spot, when most brands are pulling out every stop they can to produce a spot unique enough to support the celeb name attached to it.” – Mary Grace Shelly

Audi: Let It Go

“Don’t get me wrong I love the idea that cars are becoming more ecofriendly and moving forward with new EV technology. But why did Audi feel the need to talk about the future while singing Billboard’s “2014 Most Annoying Song of the Year?” I am a Disney lady and a GOT fan through and through but the combo of Maisie Williams and Let it Go made absolutely no sense, in my opinion. Car commercials can inherently be pretty stale with the same winding road visuals and shiny chrome highlights, so I understand trying something different. But Hyundai Sonata’s Smaht Pahk managed to come up with a fun-to-watch idea, and Jeep Gladiator’s Groundhog Day was funny and not the least bit repetitive! Try again, Audi, and let that commercial go, quick.” – Libby Chriss

Jeep: Groundhog Day

“An ad with a great celebrity endorsement! However, I thought this ad was effective for two reasons. First, it was on-brand with the Jeep Gladiator tag, “No day is the same in a Jeep Gladiator,” due to the variety of adventures Bill Murray ends up taking with the groundhog. Secondly, the ad tapped into another relevant holiday in a clever way. Great job, Jeep!” – Sarah Prokopchak

“I think this was my all-time favorite. I loved the way Jeep tied into the fact that the Super Bowl was played on Groundhog day, especially the tag. “No day is the same in a Jeep Gladiator.” I could watch this over and over, same time every day. Kudos to Bill Murray for the guts to recreate a character he did 27 years ago.” – Anne Powell

“I can’t stress it enough; I LOVED the Jeep Groundhog Day commercial. This commercial was a great play by the company to push out that not only was it game day, but it was also Groundhog Day. It was light-hearted and fun, which as a viewer, I appreciate. It also displayed the product in all of its variations (doors off). As someone who loves Jeep and owns a Wrangler, I can tell you I was not a fan of the Jeep Gladiator when I first saw it on the road. Something did not sit right with me about adding a truck bed onto a Wrangler. But this commercial has made me appreciate them and even want one. Plus, Bill Murray and the groundhog showcased a great human/animal friendship.” – Alyssa Drewicz

Doritos – The Cool Ranch feat. Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot

“Doritos did a great job utilizing celebrity endorsements in their Cool Ranch commercial. This was a fun ad to watch. It kept the audience engaged as you wanted to see if Sam Elliot or Lil Nas X would be the dance battle winner. The company even did great at displaying the product while incorporating a unique spin on the Cool Ranch name. For me, the icing on the cake was Lil Nas’ horse dancing while Sam Elliot’s horse shakes his head no! There was even an excellent cameo from Billy Ray Cyrus at the end. Overall I was delighted with this commercial.” – Alyssa Drewicz

Bud Light Seltzer: #PostyStore – Inside Post’s Brain

“While many brands produced beautifully shot, sweetly empowering and happily patriotic ads, in my opinion, Superbowl ads need to be funny and extra to grab my attention. Rocket Mortgage, Cheetos Popcorn, and Little Caesars were winners, for sure. But my favorite was by far Bud Light Seltzer’s Inside Post’s Brain. Every detail was thought out, from the human taste buds to everyone’s Post Malone tattoos. It managed to quell people’s concerns about the seltzer potentially tasting like beer, which would be gross, and was able to make people want to buy not one but both Bud Light products! And then Post brings it home with, “Got any pretzels?” So relatable! Good job, BL, let’s go celebrate with a Seltzer.” – Libby Chriss

“‘Ya got any pretzels?’ This ad resonated with me because I am a Post Malone fan and I too, enjoy Bud Light. I thought the play into “Post’s mind” was a creative take, to the point where the people in his mind have the same tattoos! The ad nailed Post Malone’s brand. Typically, I’m not fond of celebrity endorsements to promote a brand but in this case, I think it was done effectively because the ad was authentic, entertaining, and creative. It seems like it would resonate with Bud Light’s target audience if I had to guess. I am now off to buy Bud Light Seltzers…” – Sarah Prokopchak

Heinz – Find the Goodness

“After much hype about four spots in one, I think they really missed the mark here. It was too confusing to look at and yet not intriguing enough to rewind several times to see each of the four spots. The saving grace was the large Heinz bottle coming together at the end.” – Anne Powell

Reese’s Take 5: Rock

“This was the kind of spot that I just think is easy to love. It’s funny, memorable, and unique enough to stand out without being overly complicated or contrived.” – Mary Grace Shelly

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