top feel good ads

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air – and all over my screen with some of my favorite emotionally taxing ads. Call them cheesy – they may not be everyone’s heart-shaped box of chocolates – but companies who do this successfully know that emotional appeal helps them relate to their audience and establish a personal connection to their consumers.

Brands that tap into the human psyche attract more attention and more loyalty from their audience. Whether its romance, friendship, family, or feel-good, the following ads, new and old, used the power of love to find their way into the hearts of viewers.

Extra Gum – The Story of Sarah & Juan

Extra Gum – Birds (Origami)

Ad Council – Love Has No Labels

Proctor & Gamble – Thank You, Mom

Budweiser – Lost Puppy

Budweiser – Brotherhood

Microsoft – Empowering

Posted by Mary Grace Shelly, Digital Account Executive at initiate-it.