10 Outstanding Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017 6Recently, I came across four statistics that in isolation are impressive, but when read together are truly impactful.

  1. The average internet user spends two hours on social media networks per day. (Telegraph UK)
  2. 73% of surveyed consumers found that online content with a strong personality helps to form loyal relationships. (Econsultancy)
  3. Last year, the average ROI for email campaigns was 4,300%. (Copyblogger)
  4. 61% of internet users are unlikely to return to a mobile site after a negative 40% will go to a competitor’s site. (MicKinsey & Company)

These four statements present the importance of digital marketing and the need for continuing education in the online space. Staying relevant is predicated on staying informed and up to date on the latest industry trends. Listed below are 10 places you can do just that.

While there are many great conferences in the digital space each year, these are some of the best and will certainly leave you satisfied and ready to dominate digital marketing in 2017.

1.) Adobe Summit:

10 Outstanding Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017 2

Celebrate digital marketing at one of the best parties in Vegas! Offering more than 200 sessions across eight tracks, Adobe Summit lets you fully customize your schedule to best position yourself for success at the conference. The Summit includes guest speakers like Bradley Cooper, Peyton Manning, and Kate McKinnon, who will reflect on their experiences with digital marketing and how it contributes to their success today. While having an awesome time, improve your comprehension of cross-channel and data-driven marketing at the first major digital conference of the year.

2.) Conversion XL Live

At Conversion XL Live, you will have “the best practitioners in the world teaching you their best stuff.” Develop authentic connections and relationships with peers in your digital marketing field at CXL Live. The conference focuses on your agency’s personal growth and optimization through workshops and advice from world-class speakers. Located outside the city, with all attendees staying in the same hotel, the opportunity to develop lasting relationships is easily attainable and a major advantage of this conference’s set up. Receive quality networking, knowledge on content development, and great parties at CXL 2017!

3.) Hero Conf:

Join your fellow PPC (pay-per-click) fanatics at Hero Conf 2017 to discuss digital marketing strategies and techniques to implement within your own agency. In a world where networking means more than a handshake, Hero Conf recognizes the ever-changing online atmosphere and the importance of keeping up with the trends. The goal of the conference is to make your job as a digital marketer easier through actionable tips while analyzing the present and future of PPC advertising. 94% of last year’s attendees stated that they plan to return to Hero Conf in Los Angeles this year. The people have spoken; this is not a conference you want to miss.

4.) SEJ (Search Engine Journal) Summit:

10 Outstanding Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017 1

SEJ Summit 2017 focuses on the latest in SEO and SEM developments while gathering digital marketing enthusiasts to collaborate in finding solutions for different clients and businesses. Afraid of developing “conference fatigue” while attending all those presentations? Never fear! SEJ Summit asks all speakers to skip the “fluff” and focus on their main topics to increase your knowledge retention. SEJ Summit will provide you with new insights and strategies on digital marketing to take home and apply to your agency. In addition, there is no lack of networking opportunities at SEJ Summit. Breakfast, lunch, and of course happy hours, are scheduled to give attendees the chance to meet their speakers in a more intimate setting and have further conversations about growing their agencies.

5.) SearchLove:

Two days full of inspiration and marketing motivation, SearchLove will give you the opportunity to meet and listen to some of the world’s leading thinkers in digital marketing. This conference focuses on website optimization, improving content creation, and everything in between. SearchLove also offers one-on-one consulting with digital marketing professionals to gain feedback on your agency’s website. Not convinced yet? Networking events will be held each night at local venues to promote more casual convos while unwinding with some drinks.

6.) WistiaFest:

10 Outstanding Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017 3

Plan to enjoy SearchLove up in Boston and want to stay another week? There are worse places to go than WistiaFest – a user conference for businesses that love all things “video.” The list of attendees will be broad and ranging, but there’s something for everyone at this event. If you’re an in-house creative, you can learn to balance strategy and creative while ensuring buy-in from your team using powerful analytics and data-driven techniques. If you’re a marketer or strategist, use the conference to improve your branding efforts with video and track your results with in-depth analytics.  If that’s not enough to sell your boss, use this awesome .pdf that goes more in depth about the conference: WistiaFest

7.) Unbounce: Call to Action Conference

10 Outstanding Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017 5

You may need your passport, but crossing into Canada should be well worth it if you decide attend Unbounce’s Call to Action Conference. If you follow the Unbounce blog, you already know that they aim to give marketers actionable strategies to start using today to make their businesses better. The conference is just like the blog, but condensed into 3 jam-packed days of illuminating talks, practical tips, and useful advice. Unbounce is uniquely able to provide these invaluable services while also keeping the tone light and almost humorous. One of the more fun conferences in 2017, I would recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something a bit different.

8.) ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

The ANA Digital & Social Media Conference is quickly becoming the “go-to” event to network with peers and discuss digital strategy. The pairing of client-facing digital marketing professionals and key industry leaders provides an excellent forum to discuss and strategize around the hottest topics in digital. Topics covered this year will focus on social media, e-commerce, content marketing, AR, VR, and much more. If you need any more prodding before you go and book your tickets to this event, go search the #ANADigital hashtag on Twitter and see the responses of attendees from previous years.

9.) Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

One of the more high-profile conferences on this list, the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit possesses a strong bank of speakers from companies such as; NBC Universal, ESPN, Wells Fargo, Vevo, and Upworthy. While the presentations are sure to be enlightening, maybe what is most impressive are the takeaways offered by the conference. By attending, you will come away with access to a library of over 1000 videos and recordings relating to digital marketing, you’ll be given 20 plus hours to network with other industry professionals, and there will be a large number of case studies for you to examine with the help of key experts.

10.) Digital Marketing World Forum: North America

10 Outstanding Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017

With over 1000 attendees, 3 conference streams, and more than 60 exhibitors, there is going to be enough content at this event to make your head spin. Before you book your stay in New York, make sure you review the offerings at each of the three separate conference tracks; Digital Marketing Technologies, Social, Influencer, & Mobile Marketing, and AI, VR, eCommerce, & Personalization. While there will certainly be topics relevant to your company at all three, it would be wise to block out your time prior to attending. To catch a glimpse of 2016’s conference in London, check out the video below:

2017 should be an outstanding year for Digital Marketing as the industry is primed for some big changes. Make sure you and your company are staying relevant by keeping up to date with the latest technologies and strategies.

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Posted by Tom Hinkes who dances poorly, eats worse, and is a shameless supporter of the New York Yankees. He is also the Content Marketing Writer at initiate-it, a digital first, full-service agency located in Richmond, VA.