In a one to two-hour talk, it is rare to find that many quotable moments. But Andy Cruz, co-founder of House Industries, has made a living out of exciting moments. He appreciates learning something about which he knows nothing. For example, they designed a new font and, rather than leave it at that, it inspired them to dive into the furniture business. He thrives on collaborations. He’s worked with Jimmy Kimmel, JJ Abrams, the New Yorker, and John Mayor… Just to name a few. Andy has every right to be cocky because of his ever-growing list of accomplishments- but he’s grounded and appreciates his journey. He finds passion in his work. And when the well starts to dry up, he makes his work shift to fit new passions. Make your Work work for you. Sweat the technique. Learn through your interests. Make friends. The Process is the Inspiration.

Below are some of the most memorable quotes from Andy Cruz:

Learn from what you like and apply it to what you do.

Learn through your interest.

Sweat the technique.

Avoid Growing Up.

Maintain Enthusiasm.

Appreciate the Experience.

It’s fun NOT to know.

Form. Function. Brand. Color. Science. Lifestyle.

Make Friends.

The power of letter forms as emotional touchpoints.

The Process is the Inspiration.

Thank you, Creative Mornings, for bringing Andy Cruz to Richmond!

Posted by Libby Rosebro, Digital Designer at initiate-it, a digital-first, full-service agency located in Richmond, VA.