Apple’s new app policies have officially taken effect. As you know, this update allows Apple users to choose whether they consent to third-party sites tracking their data across each app they visit. With this new user prompt, advertisers need to pay close attention to their Facebook ad campaigns over the next few weeks. If you actively work in Facebook Ads Manager, you have had ample time to adjust your campaigns to prepare for these new Apple updates. Even with this preparation, there are four key areas you need to pay close attention to across your paid Facebook campaigns. 


All App Campaigns

Apple included the SKAdNetwork API in its latest operating system update. This API increases the privacy of Apple users utilizing mobile apps. Facebook is officially using this API for app advertising on all iOS 14 devices. This could potentially restrict or delay app event data and reporting three days after a user installs the advertised app. In addition, life measurement will no longer be available for App Install & Events campaigns.


Retargeting Audiences

This week, you may have noticed Facebook Ads Manager alerting you that some of your audiences have decreased in size due to the iOS 14 update. The primary audiences affected by this update are those included in your retargeting campaigns. As more and more people continue to update their operating systems, these retargeting audiences will continue to shrink. Advertisers may need to rethink their retargeting strategy to potentially broaden this audience and incorporate additional methods, such as look-a-like campaigns.


Web Advertising Campaigns

In addition to SKAdNetwork API, Apple has also included the PCM (Private Click Measurement) in its new operating system. The PCM will restrict users’ data that businesses can access. This expands beyond in-app information. Purchases and conversions have the potential to no longer be attributed correctly if a user clicks on an ad in Facebook or Instagram but is taken to a web browser to complete their purchase or form fill. In addition to problems with platform attribution, there will also be challenges in tracking purchases from different geographical locations. This problem should only occur when a user is redirected to a local version of the advertisers’ website based on the user’s location. In response to these potential challenges, Facebook released the Aggregated Event Management tool. This tool is designed to assist in the proper attribution of conversions.


App campaigns are not the only campaigns experiencing a three-day delay in reporting. All data coming from an iOS 14.5 user will be on a three-day hold. Apple’s PCM attributes to this delay and restriction of data access. Due to this delay, advertisers will have to optimize campaigns off of minimal data. They will also see fewer conversions and sales reported in Ads Manager than those that took place.


Apple’s updates only happened this week, but all Facebook advertisers have had time to plan for these changes. Make sure you keep a close eye on your campaigns over the next few weeks to see what is really affected.