The utilization of all digital channels to reach consumers. Allows for tracking, analyzation, refinement, and up-to-date performance monitoring. Has truly changed the industry for the better and allows for optimal brand positioning.

Programmatic Display Advertising
The automation of the decision process on how and where to buy media while considering specific audiences, demographics, and other important factors.

Content Marketing
creation and sharing of online material (videos, blogs, social media posts, and more) that does not directly promote a brand, but instead is intended to cultivate interest in its products or services.

Social Media Marketing
An approach that carefully examines and determines the best way to execute through a mix of social channels. Often, this approach supports and optimizes other marketing efforts of a brand. Can be broken down into Paid Social and Organic Social, depending on the execution.

Search Marketing
How a brand interacts with search engines like Google or Bing. Keyword and Ad-word certified individuals carefully research industry trends and market influences to determine how to best position products, services, and their collateral.

Website Development
Specialized team trained in website optimization, design, and moderation, can tackle projects ranging from a small landing page to an overhaul of an organization’s entire web presence.

Lead Development
Using online and digital channels to acquire leads through e-mail programs, resource downloads, and other interactive approaches.

Nurture Campaign Development
The process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, through every step of the buyer’s journey, and continuing the relationship in hopes of future actions. Focuses on listening to the needs of prospects and providing them information and resources accordingly.