You’ve spent years developing your skills as a creative professional, now what? With cell phones in everyone’s hands, there’s no denying that virtual consumption has become an enormous part of human lives. Businesses now depend on web-based advertising to reach their target audience. However, if not used accurately, it can be pointless. This blog will discuss a few tips and tricks on diversifying your online presence and adequately using social media to expand your exposure and following. 

Do Your Homework: Who Are You Targeting?

Before we start, we cannot move forward without knowing exactly who we are targeting. Based on your product, it is crucial to know who you want your audience to be. Honing your search is a great way to tailor your range and better target your desired consumers. Here are a few characteristics worth noting: 

  • Age/gender 
  • Geographic location 
  • Profession 
  • Likes/interests
  • Potential competitors your consumers are interested in

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Social Media Platforms

Now that you know who you’re targeting, it’s time to look at the available platforms. You’re not just looking to connect with anyone and everyone across all platforms. You’re looking to connect with your target demographic, so your social media should reflect that. Do some research on what social media platform is most used by your consumers. For example: 

  • If you are targeting Generation X (1965-1980), you probably shouldn’t start on TikTok… Facebook may prove to be a more relevant platform. 
  • If we look at it from the other side, you can find Generation Z (1997-2012) mainly on Instagram and Tik Tok. It’s all about research.

Tip! Make sure you have a solid platform to begin with. Appeal to their interests, find common ground, etc. Your product can be the best in your field, but if you’re not targeting the right platforms and your socials aren’t connecting with your audience, you won’t make any progress.  

Connect with your Audience 

Engaging with your supporters and relevant posts can be one of the most beneficial tactics in acquiring new clients. Showing your consumers you are happy and willing to engage with their comments, whether positive or negative, is a great way to show you care. It’s also an excellent way to get potential consumers interested in your brand as well. A few good ways to connect are: 

  • Commenting on competitor’s posts to reach potential new clients 
  • Responding to comments on your social media/showing appreciation 
  • Generating engaging content your followers can respond to 
  • Host giveaways 

Get Analytical

Not every social media strategy will work for your business, and what may work for you won’t always work for others. It is important to keep track of what is working and what isn’t so you can better use your time and effort. You can do this by setting up a business profile on specific platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. You will be able to track: 

  • When is the best time to post for the most engagement 
  • Which posts are receiving the most views/impressions 
  • Trends and patterns in your engagement 
  • Follower demographics 

Tip! If you want to go a step further, enable google analytics on your portfolio website to better track which platforms and posts drive the most traffic to your portfolio! Check out our last blog for more info on maneuvering the latest google analytics update.

It’s no secret that social media can make or break your business, but whether we like it or not, social media is not going anywhere. Generating new clients can be challenging, but social media can make a complex process just a little bit easier. It’s important to remember that this process will not happen overnight. Be patient, continue testing and discover what works best for you!