As COVID-19 content continues to flood digital marketing news sources, it can be difficult for many not to get lost in the noise. Below are three digital marketing updates you need to know.

LinkedIn Ads’ New Company Targeting Option

LinkedIn recently released two new forms of company targeting within LinkedIn Ads. These new forms could be great B2B targeting additions. The first is Company Category. This targeting form will allow advertisers to reach members based on curated lists from Forbes, Fortune, and LinkedIn. Some examples include: “Fortune 500 (U.S.),” “Fortune Global 500 (Worldwide),” and “LinkedIn News Editors’ Top Companies (U.S.).” The second additional targeting form is Company Growth Rate. This targeting option allows advertisers to reach member based on year over year employee growth rate. Both targeting options present an opportunity for B2B companies to take their LinkedIn advertising to the next level.

YouTube’s New Premium Advertising Program

YouTube relaunched YouTube Select, the platform’s premium advertising program. Through this program, U.S. advertisers can target a dedicated streaming T.V. lineup on YouTube T.V. These line ups will be separated by content type and include live sports, movies, news, content from top creators, and YouTube original movies. Ad buying will vary by region, but advertisers can buy through Google Ads, Display & Video 360. This program comes after the latest report showing that more than 100 million people watch YouTube and YouTube T.V. monthly.

Bing Can Answer Your Queries

The company recently announced that Bing can now answer specific search queries with a “Yes” or “No” answers. Accompanying this answer is a carousel of related information from multiple sources. Some search queries will also trigger the response to include an option to refine your search for a more specific answer. Currently, this feature is only live in the U.S. but will be expanded to more markets soon.

These updates can be beneficial additions to many advertising strategies. If you are unsure how these tactics can benefit you, we are excited to help.