Virginia Center for Policing Innovation (VCPI) is a Richmond-based non-profit organization that trains law enforcement professionals throughout the United States. Their mission is to advance public safety, one individual at a time, by providing unparalleled training and resources to law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve. After meeting our client for the first time, we could quickly tell that they are an energetic, passionate and creative group of individuals dedicated to the promotion of public safety.

VCPI has opened our eyes to the Virginia VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) program, which allows victims of crime to receive timely and valuable information about criminal offenders 24 hours of the day, via telephone, Internet and email. Within 15 minutes of a criminal’s arrest, registrants are notified at all times of their movement, which plays a critical role in the personal safety plan of crime victims.

vine2Imagine you’re a victim of a crime; you may feel scared, unsafe or at risk, even if the offender is locked up. Once you decide to register for the program and select the offender’s name, you can receive status updates of inmate movement (jail transfer, release, or escape). The free program protects victim anonymity and it has already helped many individuals here in Virginia. However, there are still many people who are unaware of the Virginia VINE program and initiate-it’s plan is to help VCPI create and maintain that awareness.

initiate-it will be producing and implementing a campaign focused on media relations in order to create awareness of the Virginia VINE program. We are also aiming to increase registration for the program to help give existing and future victims peace of mind. In addition to the campaign, our team will produce video testimonials provided by victims, victims’ family members and advocates of the program.

We are excited to join forces with VCPI to build awareness around the Virginia VINE program, and help spread the word of the value that VINE provides to victims throughout Virginia. This program is not only important to victims, but friends and family of both victims and offenders. The more awareness around the program will help educate victims and help them take the first step in the creation of their own safety plan.