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Video is king when it comes to content marketing – as long as you are providing the right content to the right audience.

Video now accounts for 50% of all online content streamed to a mobile device according to Hubspot – so if your target audience uses a phone, tablet or iPad, then they are interacting with video every day. This figure is expected to rise to 79% by 2018, so getting comfortable with video creation and posting will help you stay ahead of this growing trend.

Your content needs to be found easily as well – some outlets, including Facebook, give video more consideration and a naturally higher placement in the newsfeed than posts that are purely text or photo based.

YouTube continues to dominate – according to Search Engine Watch, big business continues to focus heavily on branded video content, with upwards of 10,000 new pieces posted each month.

Video Content Weighted Heavily on Social Media

On sites that use an algorithm to show relevant content, such as Facebook, businesses and individuals who post video content are more likely to see that content appear in the newsfeeds of their followers. While Facebook is focusing heavily on sharable video content, videos made for any purpose have a higher chance of appearing in your follower’s feeds, according to social media marketing experts at Social Media Examiner.
Shorter content on sites like Vine and Instagram allow you to post short, punchy and to the point video. Taking advantage of one or more of these sites allows you to produce videos of different lengths using the same source material, increasing your productivity and output without decreasing quality. The latest live and streaming outlets such as Periscope, Meerkat or Facebook Live also offer ways to share what you are doing, feature an event, or Q&A session in real time. These live streams provide bigger and better opportunities for your video content which can really humanize your brand by allowing your followers behind the curtain or providing access to events and experiences they might ordinarily not be able to attend.

Best Practices for great content marketing

1. Create Share worthy and Entertaining Content

By its very nature, video is more likely to be viewed than still photo or pure text posts – so make sure the content you are providing is engaging, entertaining and sharable. Any content you post is a representation of your brand, and video gives you the opportunity to fully immerse your followers in your concepts. Sloppily constructed, poorly filmed or simply boring videos can actually harm your brand and make it less likely that your audience will stick around. Think about what your story is and where you’ll post it. Is it long form for YouTube? Is it something you can accomplish in 30-60 sec? Can you cleverly show your idea in 7 -15 seconds? Video is a great medium to tell a story quickly. It requires forethought on who and where your audience is, and what is the best way to communication your message. A well thought through script or storyboard is essential.

2. Think Business Casual, Not Black Tie

Don’t treat your video content like a wedding dress or tuxedo – something you only break out once in a great while. Pull out video any time you need it – don’t save it for only your ‘best” ideas or big posts. You may not want to get in front of the camera, but there are plenty of ways to engage your followers without having to appear onscreen. Making video a regular part of your content strategy instead of treating it like a once –a –year big affair lets your followers know that they can come to you regularly for the content they are craving.

3. Apply your Branding where Appropriate

Your video content will (hopefully) be shared by your target audience, so make it easy for your viewers to share your content and follow you for more. If appropriate, consider branding your video and including a call to action to visit your site, follow on social media or take some other action after viewing. These efforts allow you to make the most of your content and ensure that video is truly worth your time. Branding can be subtle and still ensure your audience knows its you. Find the balance.

Understanding the importance of video, creating quality content and making it easy for followers to share allows you to take full advantage of this visual and compelling medium and make the most of it.


Intro 17Posted by, Lisa Rogerson, VP of Digital and Operations at initiate-it, a digital first, full-service agency located in Richmond, VA.