The Delicate Balance of Influencer Marketing and their Relationship in the Advertising Industry

With the rise of social media and the massive online followings that celebrities and industry experts can cultivate, influencer marketing has become an increasingly popular advertising strategy over the last several years. This tactic has not only gained traction because it is viable – in many instances, it has been overwhelmingly effective. Continue Reading

Top Ads of the Winter Games

winter games ads

Every two years, the world is treated to a spectacle of the greatest athletes alive, sporting, sweating, and striving for glory with their respective countries cheering at their backs. However, athletes are not the only ones competing during these elite international competitions – sponsors and advertisers are in a contest with the ultimate prize being viewers’ attention. Continue Reading

initiate-it RoundUp: January 2018 Marketing Trends

initiate-it roundup: January 2018 Marketing TrendsMarketing techniques and trends are always evolving. From social to SEM, changes are consistently made to make marketing tactics more effective. These changes not only help the marketer but will also help create a better customer experience. Stay on top of industry trends each month with initiate-it RoundUp. Below are the top five marketing trends and changes that occurred in January 2018. Continue Reading

Proper Product Placement in Movies and Television

Can you spot the 19 hidden logos placed in the image above? To continue our series on product placement, today we will be featuring our favorite advertisements in movies and television. These include shows that have made a seamless transition between the plot and the ad. The following are our favorite cases of proper product placement.

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Obvious Product Placement in Movies and Television

Obvious Product Placement in Movies and Television

Can you spot the 17 products placed in the image above? Today, product placement can be seen in many television shows and movies. There should be a seamless transition between the ad and program.  Viewers will notice the advertisement on a subconscious level, such as a character drinking a Diet Coke or eating Taco Bell. However, for many shows, this is not the case. When executed poorly, viewers immediately notice the product. It appears as a commercial rather than a subtle advertisement. The following are our favorite obvious cases of product placement.

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