Is Your Spooky Landing Page Scaring Away Potential Leads?

Is Your Spooky Landing Page Scaring Away Potential Leads

In today’s marketing environment starting a campaign demands having a landing page. There is currently no better way to facilitate lead generation. Landing pages give people something they need and, in return, you get their information and the chance to create a relationship. While effective, landing pages can still be tricky because of today’s already-skeptical digital audience; people are hesitant to give out their information to just anyone. Is your landing page contributing to these fears? If you are utilizing too many graphics, dull copy and confusing calls to action, like the example above, you most likely are. To help you out, I have identified 5 best practices to adhere to when designing a landing page.

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The Story of Bringing a Traditional Retailer into the Digital Age

This is the Story of Bringing a Traditional Retailer into the Digital Age 7

Friends, let me tell you a story. It might hit home for many of you, but I promise a happy ending. Imagine if you will, your family has run a successful retail business with multiple locations around the region for over 50 years. This was your dad’s life. He was the guy. Everyone knew him, and his name drew people in. He stood for service and quality. He hand-picked the sales people who were on the floor. He knew them all by name. 50 years, every day he managed this business and he loved it. He knew how to bring the people in. You throw a big sale for Memorial Day and Labor Day. Newspaper and TV are the way to go to reach your audience.  Then the internet came, he had a website built because he knew he needed to be online. Then, unfortunately, he died. Along with dealing with his death, now, this business, it’s all up to you.

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Emoji Etiquette in Modern Marketing

Emoji Etiquette in Modern Marketing 1

In my personal messages, I typically leave emojis out. Emojis can be construed in several ways.  They display differently depending on the device. Also, at an elementary level, I believe emojis come across as childish. However, as my friends tease me, not using emojis can be perceived as being old or not hip. While I can handle a few jabs from my friends, I must be more careful when it comes to marketing.

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Designed for Sports

Designed for Sports 8Under 500,000 kids participate in college athletics each year. Far less become professional athletes. An even smaller number become Olympians- the world’s greatest athletes. Ever since the first Olympics, higher level athletes are typically praised and immortalized for their unique skillset.

Creative and graphic design have elevated the admiration of athletes and sports to its peak. Athletes and teams are often put on a pedestal and treated as above-human. Fans, boosters, and future super-athletes picture their favorite teams and athletes as powerful, extreme and unblemished. In the past few decades, the companies and sports organizations have amped up high-level athletics and high-level graphics to appeal to consumers. They utilize this immortalization to their advantage- to gather fans, to accrue sponsors, to recruit future athletes and to eventually and ideally, gain everlasting legacy.

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Top 8 Branded Viral Videos and What Makes Them Work

Top 8 Branded Viral Facebook Videos and What Makes Them Work 1

The reasons behind what makes certain videos go viral fall into two important categories – personal response and social response. Viral videos are a huge mark of success in the marketing world because they not only reach an incredibly wide audience, but they resonate with people more than almost any other medium. The personal response is determined mostly by the emotions evoked by the content. It is a psychological process called emotional contagion – one person’s emotions trigger similar emotional responses in others, and thus the contagion spreads as more people share on their social media platforms. The social response comes into play with the desire to connect with other people; be it to share information, to relate to others through a common interest, or to support a cause. This blog looks at 8 branded videos that broke the internet, and provides some insight as to why they worked so well.

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Should You be Using a Landing Page?

Should You be Using a Landing Page? 1

If you operate in the digital space and have a web presence, chances are, you know what a landing page is. If you don’t; a landing page is a “standalone web installation distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.” You may be asking yourself, “Should I be using one?” While there are exceptions to every rule, in most instances that you are trying to capture leads, I would argue, yes.

If you are debating whether or not to implement a landing page, hopefully the insights below can help you make a decision.

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