Designed for Sports

Designed for Sports 8Under 500,000 kids participate in college athletics each year. Far less become professional athletes. An even smaller number become Olympians- the world’s greatest athletes. Ever since the first Olympics, higher level athletes are typically praised and immortalized for their unique skillset.

Creative and graphic design have elevated the admiration of athletes and sports to its peak. Athletes and teams are often put on a pedestal and treated as above-human. Fans, boosters, and future super-athletes picture their favorite teams and athletes as powerful, extreme and unblemished. In the past few decades, the companies and sports organizations have amped up high-level athletics and high-level graphics to appeal to consumers. They utilize this immortalization to their advantage- to gather fans, to accrue sponsors, to recruit future athletes and to eventually and ideally, gain everlasting legacy.

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7 Ways to Market March Madness

7 Ways to Market March Madness 3Year in and year out, people across the country go crazy for March Madness – the pseudonym for the collegiate basketball tournament that stretches across the final three weeks of March. While it would be easy to pass this off as just another sporting event that comes and goes with the seasons, with that mentality you would miss out on an excellent marketing opportunity.

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Initiate-It’s Super Bowl Winners & Losers 2017

Initiate-It's Super Bowl Winners & Losers 2017Every Super Bowl Sunday, some viewers tune in for the football game while others watch for the commercials. There are always ads that can be remembered years later as favorites, such as Budweiser’s “The Clydesdales Brotherhood” from 2013. Others are remembered in a different light, such as Mountain Dew’s “Puppymonkeybaby” from 2016. As we have done in the past, this year we would like to honor those commercial winners and losers. The list below features our favorite and hated Super Bowl LI commercials.

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Super Stats for Sunday’s Big Game

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7 Steps to a Successful Sports Sponsorship

7 Steps to a Successful Sports SponsorshipOrganizations with limited budgets face significant challenges when attempting to build awareness of their brands, products and services. This is especially true of business-to-business clients who need to reach a highly targeted but geographically disparate audience. One solution for this problem is a well designed and executed sports marketing program—specifically, the sponsorship of Professional Golf Association (PGA) TOUR players—which can bestow instant credibility upon the sponsor for a very reasonable cost.

It goes without saying that few companies can afford Super Bowl sponsorships, naming rights or luxury hospitality boxes at major tournaments and sports arenas. Only a handful can arrange for Tiger Woods or LeBron James to meet their customers and not many have the budget to sponsor such superstars to wear their clothing or endorse their products. However, viable promotional options are available for clients who do have a restricted budget and the services of an appropriate PGA TOUR golfer are not only possible, but can also be remarkably cost-effective.

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