Top Ads of the Winter Games

winter games ads

Every two years, the world is treated to a spectacle of the greatest athletes alive, sporting, sweating, and striving for glory with their respective countries cheering at their backs. However, athletes are not the only ones competing during these elite international competitions – sponsors and advertisers are in a contest with the ultimate prize being viewers’ attention. Continue Reading

Top 6 Holiday Campaigns of 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time for holiday ads that make us ugly cry! Take a look below at some of our favorite holiday campaigns of this season. Don’t forget your box of tissues. Continue Reading

The Story of Bringing a Traditional Retailer into the Digital Age

This is the Story of Bringing a Traditional Retailer into the Digital Age 7

Friends, let me tell you a story. It might hit home for many of you, but I promise a happy ending. Imagine if you will, your family has run a successful retail business with multiple locations around the region for over 50 years. This was your dad’s life. He was the guy. Everyone knew him, and his name drew people in. He stood for service and quality. He hand-picked the sales people who were on the floor. He knew them all by name. 50 years, every day he managed this business and he loved it. He knew how to bring the people in. You throw a big sale for Memorial Day and Labor Day. Newspaper and TV are the way to go to reach your audience.  Then the internet came, he had a website built because he knew he needed to be online. Then, unfortunately, he died. Along with dealing with his death, now, this business, it’s all up to you.

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The Center of the Sound

The Center of the Sound

I’m a big jazz fan—classical, smooth, it doesn’t matter the type. I love all of it. Years ago I was at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival sitting under a small canvas tent on a typical summer afternoon, ready to listen to Branford Marsalis and his quartet. Branford walks up on the stage, grabs the mic, and looks out to the audience of about 32 folks and tells us he’s going on a discovery—searching for the center of the sound. I had no idea what that meant.

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Advertising the way we wished it could be.


It’s time to bring back the fun.

Think back to the time before you actually worked in advertising. Whether it was a few years ago or more years ago than you’d prefer to think about, chances are pretty good you imagined it as just about the most fun thing you could do and still get paid.

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