Top Ads of the Winter Games

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Every two years, the world is treated to a spectacle of the greatest athletes alive, sporting, sweating, and striving for glory with their respective countries cheering at their backs. However, athletes are not the only ones competing during these elite international competitions – sponsors and advertisers are in a contest with the ultimate prize being viewers’ attention. Continue Reading

Top 6 Holiday Campaigns of 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time for holiday ads that make us ugly cry! Take a look below at some of our favorite holiday campaigns of this season. Don’t forget your box of tissues. Continue Reading

Video Done Right- 3 Video Best Practices

 internet video blogger recording

Video is king when it comes to content marketing – as long as you are providing the right content to the right audience.

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Periscope: A Lesson In Authenticity For Brands

I’ll admit, I love a new gadget or toy. I like testing out the newest “thing,” which might be why I am so interested in social media marketing—the landscape is constantly changing or it could just be my ADD. Periscope is one of those new toys, I mean…platforms I’ve been watching.

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There’s more to producing commercials than giving a kid a camera.

I recently had the privilege of being involved in the concepting and production of a television campaign for our client, CarLotz. I didn’t have any experience in the area of television production prior to this project, so I was asked to document the process as seen through the lens of a first-timer.

My first thought? Wow! There’s so much creativity, work, time and talent that goes into the production of a 30-second TV spot that I didn’t realize until I was involved in the process. From concepting, to casting, to interacting with the director, each step is vital to the final product.

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