Top 6 Holiday Campaigns of 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time for holiday ads that make us ugly cry! Take a look below at some of our favorite holiday campaigns of this season. Don’t forget your box of tissues. Continue Reading

Video Done Right- 3 Video Best Practices

 internet video blogger recording

Video is king when it comes to content marketing – as long as you are providing the right content to the right audience.

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Periscope: A Lesson In Authenticity For Brands

I’ll admit, I love a new gadget or toy. I like testing out the newest “thing,” which might be why I am so interested in social media marketing—the landscape is constantly changing or it could just be my ADD. Periscope is one of those new toys, I mean…platforms I’ve been watching.

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There’s more to producing commercials than giving a kid a camera.

I recently had the privilege of being involved in the concepting and production of a television campaign for our client, CarLotz. I didn’t have any experience in the area of television production prior to this project, so I was asked to document the process as seen through the lens of a first-timer.

My first thought? Wow! There’s so much creativity, work, time and talent that goes into the production of a 30-second TV spot that I didn’t realize until I was involved in the process. From concepting, to casting, to interacting with the director, each step is vital to the final product.

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