Is Your Spooky Landing Page Scaring Away Potential Leads?

Is Your Spooky Landing Page Scaring Away Potential Leads

In today’s marketing environment starting a campaign demands having a landing page. There is currently no better way to facilitate lead generation. Landing pages give people something they need and, in return, you get their information and the chance to create a relationship. While effective, landing pages can still be tricky because of today’s already-skeptical digital audience; people are hesitant to give out their information to just anyone. Is your landing page contributing to these fears? If you are utilizing too many graphics, dull copy and confusing calls to action, like the example above, you most likely are. To help you out, I have identified 5 best practices to adhere to when designing a landing page.

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Should You be Using a Landing Page?

Should You be Using a Landing Page? 1

If you operate in the digital space and have a web presence, chances are, you know what a landing page is. If you don’t; a landing page is a “standalone web installation distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.” You may be asking yourself, “Should I be using one?” While there are exceptions to every rule, in most instances that you are trying to capture leads, I would argue, yes.

If you are debating whether or not to implement a landing page, hopefully the insights below can help you make a decision.

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