Top 8 Branded Viral Videos and What Makes Them Work

Top 8 Branded Viral Facebook Videos and What Makes Them Work 1

The reasons behind what makes certain videos go viral fall into two important categories – personal response and social response. Viral videos are a huge mark of success in the marketing world because they not only reach an incredibly wide audience, but they resonate with people more than almost any other medium. The personal response is determined mostly by the emotions evoked by the content. It is a psychological process called emotional contagion – one person’s emotions trigger similar emotional responses in others, and thus the contagion spreads as more people share on their social media platforms. The social response comes into play with the desire to connect with other people; be it to share information, to relate to others through a common interest, or to support a cause. This blog looks at 8 branded videos that broke the internet, and provides some insight as to why they worked so well.

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