Does Investment in Social Media Add Up to Measurable ROI?

Does Investment in Social Media Add Up to Measurable ROI? 1

From wake-up to bedtime, high technology weaves throughout our days. Perhaps digital tools and experiences have become so second nature in your life that you don’t think about them much until a problem arises.

In the morning, your coffee pot begins perking based on instructions you sent it the night before via smartphone. You check the stats on your fitness wristband and your dog’s digital collar after a quick, early morning walk. Arriving at work, you view the office dashboard to double check meeting times, get caught up on social media interactions about your company and find matters that need immediate troubleshooting.

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The Importance of A/B Testing

The Importance of A/B Testing 1

Whether your primary goal is building brand awareness, driving qualified traffic, nurturing prospects, driving leads or increasing revenue, one thing is certain – you should be testing. In today’s complex, digital world, marketers are always looking for an edge while getting their messages heard and testing has become an integral part of the strategy. How can you argue with results that are clear winners in resonating with your audience? Why continue using your gut instincts when you can use data? You never know what’s going to work with your audience until you test it. When I complete an A/B test with surprising results, it makes me want to run out and test everything. And that’s what everyone should do…test everything!

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