How to Leverage Your Investment in Social Media

How to Leverage Your Investment in Social

Today, 90% of young adults utilize some form of social media on a daily basis—and that number is only expected to continue rising in the future. It makes sense, then, that businesses are beginning to shift their marketing and advertising budgets to include a greater focus on social media. Still, if you’re relatively unfamiliar with how to use today’s popular social media platforms, you may be wondering how you can successfully leverage social media to make the most of your budget. Here’s some advice that’s sure to help.

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Video Done Right- 3 Video Best Practices

 internet video blogger recording

Video is king when it comes to content marketing – as long as you are providing the right content to the right audience.

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Periscope: A Lesson In Authenticity For Brands

I’ll admit, I love a new gadget or toy. I like testing out the newest “thing,” which might be why I am so interested in social media marketing—the landscape is constantly changing or it could just be my ADD. Periscope is one of those new toys, I mean…platforms I’ve been watching.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Memberships with Digital Marketing Channels

The truth is that there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to associations actively growing their membership numbers. Most membership organizations use three key indicators to measure trends in overall health: total memberships, new members acquired and members renewed. According to the 2015 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, 46% of those surveyed reported an increase, compared to 53% in 2014. Aside from staffing and budgeting, the top challenges that associations are facing are the difficulty in communicating value (33%) and the difficulty in attracting and maintaining younger members (18%). The key to success in both of those areas is to understand that there is no stand-alone marketing channel that can fully support the organization’s goal of continuous growth. You cannot simply stop all traditional forms of acquisition. If door-to-door, direct mail and telephone sales work for your organization, then you should keep doing it, while also implementing a full-scale digital program. The integration of multiple marketing channels working together produces the best results in getting (and keeping) the numbers.

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